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Being in business for over 15 years also Means we know how to treat you RIGHT

There is more to being a successful auto body repair shop in Crofton Maryland than just great skills and award winning work.  It also takes knowing how to run a business and take care of customers honestly and straight forward.  Personal service and caring about the timing and scheduling to bring the job up to the level that you deserve and that means that you will come back if you ever need us again.  That's why we have been in the business for so long and at such a success.  Yes, sure we know how to fix your car.  But we also know how to treat you right.  We are a locally owned and operated and we shop right where you shop.  Spending our money in the same places you do.  Maybe even at your place of business, supporting one another and helping our local economy.  

We are ready for your next project restoring that perfect choice of color finish and accents or to bring your family transportation back inline to get you safely back into the lifestyle you've become accustomed to.  If we can be of service please don't hesitate to contact us and we can talk about your needs.                                                         Sincerely Auto Motion LLC,       Crofton MD      410 451 7405

Paint finishes and auto body repair

The paint and finish is what most people see the most when they think of a good repair shop and it is true that this paint and finish is the first thing that people see when they are checking out a vehicle but it is the ground work that is done underneath the paint that lays the foundation for that repair to last for the rest of the life of the car.  That's where our collaborative workplace thinking comes into place.  With experience in modern and classic tasks we have the whole package needed to do the job right and make it last.

Part of our skill set comes from using the right equipment and selection of materials to complete that repair.  Not every dent and scratch needs the same type of paint and finish.  Our timing and scheduling brings the right timing and placement of pieces together so that we can keep your schedule and get you back on the road on time.

One of the reasons you can trust our work is the diversity that we bring to the task at hand.  If you need an award winning paint job to cover that classic bike, truck or car we have what you need.  If you need the correct fit for the high performance kit to complete your conversion or upgrade we are the right place for you as well. 

Scratch and Dent Body repair

Whether that scratch came from the parking lot while you were in the store, from an animal in the road or from another auto we have the craftsmanship to remove that scratch and know the level of repair that is needed to bring the quarter panel, fender, hood, bumper or any part back inline and to the perfect shade, color or tone. 

Dents mean a little more time and knowledge is needed and we have the experience and equipment for that fix as well.  When aluminum, steel or fiberglass gets crumples, bent, dinged or cracked you need a auto body repair shop that can get it done right and make that repair last through the elements and conditions that Maryland can create.  The saltwater of the bay and the heat of Ocean city can put the paint and finish to the test.  The mountains of Western Maryland can bring snow and frigid temperatures 6 months of the year.  No matter we use the high quality components, equipment and combine that with the experience of auto body repair folks who know just the right fix for the job.

We have over 15 years of experience in restoring vehicles after minor and major collisions.  That experience means that you and your car has a simple, easy path to getting back on the road on time and on budget.  Our experience extends to dealing with insurance companies and that means that we can deal with your insurance company so it's smooth sailing for you, your family and your car, truck, van, SUV or specialty vehicle.  Unlike many repair facilities our experience and extensive partnerships with local vendors bring expertise and the highest quality with the latest techniques.

Glass and Window Repair and Replacement

Service like finding the right manufacturer to fit your vehicle correctly is what we pride ourselves on.  Glass and window repair and replacement means not only the right pieces but the right installation equipment and we keep our equipment up to well above the standards of accepted repair.  We pride ourselves on the best equipment that fits the job to bring your vehicle up to the levels and standards that we know you deserve.  

Windshields are often dinged and become cracked over time which need replaced so that they meet the Maryland state inspection standards and keeps you safer with a clear clean view of the road and those obstacles which brought you to us in the first place.  Cold temperatures and fluctuation in those temperatures brings those small dings and cracks to full sized, car wide breaks.  No matter the case we have the skills, experience and equipment to bring it back into working order.

 Complete auto Body repair Care

COMPLETE Auto Body Repair Services in Crofton MD

As a one stop body repair shop in Crofton MD we have the experience to bring your vehicle back into original condition. Whether it needs a little work done or a complete restoration we have the tools, experience and drive to bring your auto up to the level of performance and look that you are requesting.