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Auto Body Glass Repair and replacement Services

The glass repair needed for a top grade repair shop is not to be overlooked.  We know the different grades and scales in automotive glass and can match your domestic glass needs to a "T".  The skill needed to get the glass work correct the first time and secure is something that we have prided ourselves in with our decades of combined experience.  Our network of suppliers can get the piece needed for your repair when seemingly no other Crofton Maryland shop can.  SO for all your glass repair or replacement needs contact us and let the worry go away and the Peace of Mind settle in to relieve the stress that comes with an auto accident - Minor or Major.

Auto Body repair paint & Finish Services in Crofton MD

The paint and finish of auto body repair in Crofton Maryland is usually the first thing noticed and we are into the details that make the real difference.  We can get as detailed as needed to bring your classic back up to your standards matching paints.  We also have the technology and skills to create the paint and finish that is needed to recover you NEW domestic vehicle back to pre accident standards.  Chevy, Fords, General Motors.. if it is created on American soil chances are we have experience in recreating the look that your vehicle needs.  Our paint booth is right here in our Crofton location so you know the paint and finish is done correctly the first time.  Give us a call or stop by to meet us and get your vehicle looking great again.

Major or Minor repairs

The size of the accident is not an issue with our experience and skills we have got you covered and will get you back on the road looking good.  From a single scratch to replacing quarter panels, hoods, trunks, bumpers... we can get it and get it done in a timely manner.  With the mix of materials in today's Domestic automobiles you need a auto body repair shop in Crofton, Maryland that can handle it all and get it right and we are here for just that level of care and more.  We have experience with the latest materials and can take a major auto accident back to the basics and cover the repair service with  excellence that has made us a leading shop for even the most exotic cases and served with dependable repairs every time.  A major accident can be a stressful time.  We have the decades of experience with insurance companies, businesses and people just like you to help you through the process and bring you peace of mind.

Experience and quality Auto body repair service in Crofton MD

Quality and integrity means a lot to us as an auto body repair shop in Crofton Maryland.  Personal care about the scheduling to bring the job up to the level that you deserve and that means that you will come back if you ever need us again.  That's why we have been in the business for so long and at such a success.  Yes, sure we know how to fix your car.  But we also know how to treat you right and run a successful business.  We are a locally owned and operated and we shop right where you shop.  Spending our money in the same places you do.  Maybe even at your place of business, supporting one another and helping our local economy.  

We are a Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Crofton, MD auto body repair shop.

We hope that your domestic car make and model never needs our attention from an accident but if it does and we can be of service please don't hesitate to contact us and we can talk about your needs with no obligation.  

Sincerely Auto-Motion  

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Auto body repair services technology and equipment

With our Crofton Maryland shop being state of the art in computerized equipment and technicians you can rest easy that ordering your parts and paint matching colors are done right and accurate the first time.  We pride ourselves in great tools and equipment making the results evident in our work..  While computers and technology has entered deeply into the automotive repair services we have the experience to go along with the latest and greatest tools to match the right fix for your particular vehicle and get you back on the road with confidence and peace of mind like no other Maryland auto body shop.  Keeping our training up to the latest standards and beyond is how we set ourselves apart from the rest of the shops in the area.  Let our decades of experience in using the latest tech and equipment bring your car back to pre accident condition today.

Domestic Makes and Models SCRATCH AND DENTS

Scratches and dents are expected from an accident and we can definitely cover the repairs needed to being the luster back to your ford, chevy, chrysler, pontiac... From classics to brand new automobiles we have the experience and training to get it right.  Minor scratches are not a problem and can be fixed quickly and with our on site equipment and color matching techniques we can get your Crofton, MD vehicle touched up quickly and to the pre accident levels that you deserve. 

     Dents are a more wide spectrum of repair services but we still have you covered no matter the make or model.  Some dents are easy enough to be correct with the existing materials without ordering costly replacements.  Other dents are major and need complete replacement and ordering of new parts.  We have the experience and technology here in Crofton MD to know the difference and get it right and looking great.

Domestic Auto Body Repair Service, Crofton, MD

From Ford to anything made on the American soil we have the auto body repair service skills needed to get you fixed and back on the road looking great in Crofton MD.  Domestic vehicles vary greatly in parts and experience is needed to get it right the first time and keep it looking great for the life of the automobile.  We are glad to show our experience and training that has created a family owned and operated business that has decades of experience.

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