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Foreign Make Auto Body Repair Services, Crofton, MD

 As in the images above the whether it is a dent in a hood, a quarter panel or light assembly our Crofton MD auto body repair services are experienced and ready to fix your "dents and dings" in that Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Maserati or any other foreign make and model.  We have experience with auto insurance companies and know how to make your experience as painless as possible.   With our training schedules keeping us up to date on the latest techniques we have the ability to work on the oldest AND the newest makes and models bringing your vehicle back to near pre-accident shape.  Common issues after an accident like minor scratches are handled differently than major dents, creases and or cracking which need a complete replacement of the auto body service.  We take the time needed to distinguish between the two states of repair and choose the one which fits for your specific needs and requirements.  Working with you is an important part of the equation and from our years of experience we are glad to have so many happy repeat customers. 

 auto body repair SERVICES Paint & finishes

Matching paint of the existing color and finish to the auto body repair which is needed is an important part of the auto body repair process.  Experience is needed to make this part of the process work smoothly and we have years and years of this with our on site spray and finish facilities with state of the art equipment to match the color and finish.  The final touches of fine detail and chrome work is not lost on us either.  We know that this detail is important to car owners and it's important to us too.  

This is more of an art than a science and we believe that this does take time to complete and we take that time that is needed,  NOT cutting corners with inferior materials or techniques.  Art and technology is mixed to create the final product and finish so that both the shop's decades worth of reputation and the automobile's owner are both satisfied with the final product.

Scratch and Dent Body repair

Whether a major or minor repair is need the careful check for extraneous scratches and dents is a key to our process.  We want to bring the vehicle back to a pre-accident condition and that means a careful inspection for scratches which may not be as easily noticeable when there is major damage to a vehicle.  In the case with this foreign Toyota RAV4 we did find a few spots which needed attention. 

This RAV4 came in with damage to the front bumper, grill, hood, both front quarter panels and minor needs under the hood.  The hood was buckled and still attached and in the closed position.  The driver's side quarter panel needed replace as the head lamp was pushed back in the panel and created an interesting sharks fin style from the impact.  Thankfully the headlamp and housing was not cracked or damaged to the point of replacement.  However the impact did push the panel into the door which made the ability to open and close the door an issue.  Our expertise came in play here and instead of having to replace the door we were able to fix this portion with replacing the door.  The vehicle's owner did not open the door completely so the repair in this area was minor.

Glass and Window Repair and Replacement

In this case there was no damage to the windshield nor any windows.  But part of our extensive check out of vehicle's in need of auto body repair is that we do check both the condition of the glass for cracks or complete failure and the functionality.  This is just part of the responsible checkout that an experienced, well trained auto body repair service provides.  We pride ourselves on responsible work that stands up to high automotive standards.  

  Auto body Repair Check IN

Foreign Auto Body Repair Services in Crofton MD

Foreign vehicle auto body repair in Crofton MD is one of our core services. We are experienced in most all models; Toyota, Honda, Nissan, KIA, Mazda, Acura and more, even the high end, high performance vehicles like Porsche, BMW, Ferrari and the like are no problem as well. Here is just one simple example of an auto body repair case for this Toyota RAV4 that has come in to the shop after a front end collision. 

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Quality and Integrity Auto body Shop

Quality and integrity means a lot to us as an auto body repair shop in Crofton Maryland.  Personal care about the scheduling to bring the job up to the level that you deserve and that means that you will come back if you ever need us again.  That's why we have been in the business for so long and at such a success.  Yes, sure we know how to fix your car.  But we also know how to treat you right and run a successful business.  We are a locally owned and operated and we shop right where you shop.  Spending our money in the same places you do.  Maybe even at your place of business, supporting one another and helping our local economy.  

We hope that your foreign car make and model never needs our attention from an accident but it does and we can be of service please don't hesitate to contact us and we can talk about your needs with no obligation.

Sincerely Auto Motion LLC,

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